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About Us

We are here to make life easier. Finding the right video with the specific information we are looking for can be more challenging than we think. What if you could access videos providing tips for healthy lifestyle and business growth all in one place? Surrounded by successful business leaders and inspiring individuals, we gather them on InMauritius to provide access to valuable lessons from their experiences and guidance towards achieving your business and personal goals.

From shows about health and wellness addressing subjects as: Depression, fitness routine, stress-management and self-care for a healthy lifestyle, to shows about fashion, culture, relationship, parenting, travel and societal issues, our podcasts about Lifestyle in Mauritius has you covered.

Whether you are interested in the latest marketing trends, finance and accounting insights, technological advancements, entrepreneurship tips, or effective business strategies, The Big Heads are ready to provide you with guidance and share valuable lessons from their experiences as business leaders. Why not also listen to Entrepreneurs in Mauritius sharing their inspiring journey?

Want to see professionals or influencers in Mauritius engage in fun challenges? Check out Challenge Accepted.

Are you interested in art, music, dance, creative writings and the different forms of artistic expressions? The Creative Minds is the place to be. To inspire you, entertain and encourage you to be the next one to show your talent.

We are a team, dedicated to providing eye-opening content for positive change.

We are professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers and individuals, with a mindset to create, share, help others, and entertain while we are at it.




We are individuals with a vision to help others reach their goals and be a better version of themselves, be it at a personal or professional level for a fulfilling life.

Doing so, we cover a diverse range of topics for personal and professional development and to celebrate the vibrant culture of Mauritius through engaging conversations with local businesses, talented individuals, healthcare experts, NGOs, influencers and even the general public.


Audio and video
podcast shows

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Or what we do not do? We do not sit behind a microphone and a screen to tell stories because we have nothing better to do. We do more than audio podcasting, we do more than video podcasting. We use the power of the digital sphere to connect with you and many others to have life-changing impacts.
We create podcasts in Mauritius to increase your knowledge in your field of interest, by gathering business leaders from different sectors, NGOs, and professionals. We inspire and give you tips for your growth, so you can also help others grow.
We connect with influencers and the general public for genuine and engaging content.
We do what we do to help you reach your personal and professional goals. Do you have a business? Is there anything you are passionate about? Learn from others and let others learn from you.

Our podcasts range from interviews and group discussions, to opinion pieces by selected influencers and professionals.



Where to start, what to do and what to watch out for


From offline to online, and what vehicles to consider


The wonderful digital world and the Internet of Things


From an idea to creation, and innovation that disruptors


More than looking at the bottom line


What you want to say, the noise and what is understood

Personal Growth

Habits, mindset and skills contributing to a fulfilling life. Make it happen.


Artistic expressions from music, painting, poetry to culinary arts and more.


Product and service promotion

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What are you waiting to embrace the power of video marketing to promote your brand? Maybe a lack of resources, time or skills? Whether you are a start up, SME, or well-established business, you cannot have enough visibility and credibility.
Imagine giving your products and brand more exposure in a high quality video to reach a broader audience across the most popular social media platforms in mauritius; YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn and even WhatsApp will not be spared. Do you know that your business can attract more customers by simply having an influencer reviewing your product or service?
What about what happens behind closed doors? Show how your business works, your efforts, your passions, what makes your business worth existing. We share the heart of your company through our behind-the-scenes videos.
You want to have your own show but do not have the set up? Rent our podcast room.
Want to level up your marketing? Let us promote your brand.

From product reviews, behind-the-scenes footage, to product presentation, brand promotion and influencer reviews, we offer diverse engaging content to captivate your target audience and also offer the opportunity to access our podcast room to host your own show.




Need more visibility? More credibility? The trend of video marketing will keep on rising, and businesses, regardless of their size (small, medium, or large), need to embrace this strategy to keep up with the evolving preferences and attitude of customers.
How do we help?
From insightful product reviews and captivating behind-the-scenes to engaging product presentations and powerful brand promotion, we are ready to make your brand shine. We also collaborate with influencers who provide genuine and influential reviews to reach a broader audience and enhance your brand’s visibility.



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As professionals and entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and start-ups with business development, different types of technology, creating their own personal brand, understanding the various dynamics of communication and marketing, and a host of other topics.