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A team of enthusiastic,
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We are professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and educators with a mind-set to create, share and help others.




As professionals and entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and start-ups with business development, different types of technology, creating their own personal brand, understanding the various dynamics of communication and marketing, and a host of other topics.

In our video podcasts, we dive into the stories behind local businesses and find out what their secrets are. We aim to interview the everyday businessman and businesswoman to provide an insight into the grassroots of the business community of Mauritius. Naturally, if we can get well-known business professionals to agree to an interview or to share their knowledge, we will embrace it.


We will take a closer look at innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and disruptors — and when possible, give you a behind-the-scenes look into the various industries. Podcasting is a great content marketing tool. If you provide valuable business advice, viewers will return, which means better advertising opportunities and more people to channel towards your business or services.

If you are looking to develop a business, launch a start-up, stay up to date on marketing techniques, or looking for other valuable business advice, you should follow our podcasts.


Voice and video
business-related podcast shows

Our podcasts range from interviews and group discussions, to opinion pieces by selected influencers and professionals.



Where do we start, what to do and what to watch out for


From offline to online and what vehicles to consider


The wonderful digital world and the Internet Of Things


From an idea to creation, and innovation that disrupt


More than looking at the bottom line


What you want to say, the noise and what is understood